Friday, August 15, 2008

Planning your time while unemployed.

Yesterday and classic example of over planning and scheduling on my part. I had intended to do the folloing:
  1. Plan out my self study program and post it on a Google Page.
  2. Start up another Google Page about staying positive while unemployed.
  3. Continue building my network on and other sites.
  4. Add another links list to the sidebar and add links to the Google Pages listed above, and pages I will most likely create later on
  5. Get MySQL and PHP installed on my 2K server and get cracking.
  6. Look into some online programs from a local community college.
No! I didn't waste my time watching TV or just lounging around. Some other issues popped that had a much higher priority and they needed to get done.

Rethinking my scheduling and goal setting is a must now, especially if I want to make my career transition happen.

I plan to work on that list over the weekend. I'll let you know how it goes on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Ha, your page went to number two on google when searching "startup while unemployed" and you haven't posted since last August, lol?

You should get a google Adsense account and make some money on the "startup while unemployed" keyword.

Good luck.

Jim Cox said...

I've posted 33 entries since this entry, so I think you should look again: