Sunday, August 14, 2016

Over the line! #Linkedin is not #Facebook

The Lebowski meme above was inspired by people who I feel do not understand the difference between a professional networking site like Linkedin, and social networking site like Facebook.

On a social network like Facebook it is pretty much accepted for people to post their views, either publicly or just to friends, and if others do not agree they can either ignore the post, or make a comment to the contrary. People can also stop following or even unfriend the person if they choose to do so.

Linkedin on the other hand is a professional network and what is posted on Linkedin can be viewed by your coworkers, competitors, and prospective employers which is something people really need to consider before posting their views on politics, religion, or other "hot" topics.

While I have posted articles on Linkedin which were a little tongue in cheek those articles were either about issues I faced in my search for a new career opportunity and how I dealt with them, or about technologies which I have an interest in, and therefore I felt where appropriate for Linkedin.

There is a old axiom regarding how the discussions of sex, politics, and religion should be kept out of the office.

People should consider Linkedin an extension of their office.

For further reading may I suggest this Glassdoor article - Sex, Religion& Politics: Why You Should Never Discuss Them At Work 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Thursday getaway and the Bettie Page House in Seattle - #vandalismsucks

Today is Thursday and like Arthur Dent in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy "I never quite got the hang of Thursdays", and after spending the last six weeks job searching I decided to take a short break and go for a drive just to get out of the house. So I hopped in the car and drove over to the Wallingford District in Seattle. I stopped for lunch at Dick's Drive-In on 45th, and even though this is the first Dick's Drive-In to take credit cards (refer to this article for further details) being a traditionalist I still paid cash for my lunch.

After lunch I drove around Wallingford for a bit and then I headed over to the University District to take a first hand look at a classic example of stupidity and jerkery.

You see in the U District next to I-5 there is a house which on the side facing the freeway there is beautiful  mural of 50's pin-up model Betty Page. This house has quite a number of admirers who refer to it as "The Bettie Page House". Photos and articles about the house can be found all over the Internet such as this Atlas Obscura article. Unfortunately sometime in the latter part of June someone decided to defaced the mural and this is the stupidity and jerkery I mentioned earlier.

Below are some photos I took today of the vandalism. Seriously who would do something like this?

(This last picture is of the alterations of the vandals comments made by the owners of the house)

Here are a few articles on the vandalism:
In the last paragraph of the Seattle Times article one of the owners of the house made the following statement regarding donations for the restoration of the mural - “In lieu of donations for Bettie, I would like to draw people’s attentions to the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network. … Donate at”

While the vandalism to this wonderful mural truly does suck, I guess some good can be found in the determination of the owners of the house, and their suggestion for donations.