Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving forward!

Yesterday I and 60-some other people got the "AX" and were laid-off from work. As I have posted elsewhere, lay-offs are a fact of life, especially in the high tech field. I am surprised as to how positive I am staying about being laid-off.

To be honest I am going to use this as a chance to retool my career and move forward with my plans to learn all I can about web development and content management.

There are several things I plan to do today. The are
  1. Plan out my self study program and post it on a Google Page.
  2. Start up another Google Page about staying positive while unemployed.
  3. Continue building my network on and other sites.
  4. Add another links list to the sidebar and add links to the Google Pages listed above, and pages I will most likely create later on
  5. Get MySQL and PHP installed on my 2K server and get cracking.
  6. Look into some online programs from a local community college.
That's it for now. Check back later on

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