Thursday, April 29, 2010

Friday fun: Bohemian Rhapsody Remix

While last weeks clip on reusing Zip Drives was good, I have to say it pales in comparison to this weeks video clip on creative ways of reusing old technology. Check out bd594's fantastic "Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix" below:

Pretty cool huh? By the way I have been meaning to write a post about a project I worked on recently with my friend Chuck Goolsbee, but due to a case of toxic pizza I have just been too sick to write anything. I am feeling better now, so I will get something up soon. In the mean time swing on over to Chuck's blog and read his account of the tachometer mod I helped him with for his E-Type Jaguar.

Also if you have a second then please swing by my Geeks Who Care blog, and take a look. It's a blog set up to help coordinate efforts between geeks and groups who need their services, but it's doesn't seem to be getting too much interest. Please drop me a line or leave a comment if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

Have a great weekend ~ Jim

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friday fun: New Life For Old Zip Drives

Thanks to this video from makemagazine I have some ideas for those old Zip Drives I have lying around:

Have a great weekend ~ Jim

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday fun: 2-Mile Camera Remote

More than likely I am about the 976th person to repost this video from makemagazine, but the video is of a cool project and it's worth reposting:

If I ever have time I am going to try this mod on an old Canon digital camera I picked up cheap. Here are the links for both the Make Magazine site, and the article that the video refers to.

Have a great weekend ~ Jim

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Friday fun: Catapult grasshopper

Once again Minuscule comes up with another great video. Chalk another one up for the Ladybug:

Have a great weekend ~ Jim

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Friday fun: Internet-Enabled Cat Feeder

Earlier this week there was an article on Digg about a Internet enabled cat feeder that I found really interesting and thought would be a good follow up to the "Maker Workshop - VCR Cat Feeder" post I made a few weeks ago.

The article "Web-Enabled Cat Feeder w/ Video Feed" is from Catster's Cats and Kittens Blog and inlcudes a link to inventor Mathew Newton's site and the video below:

Mathew's site now features a newer version of the cat feeder that uses the Linksys WRT54GL Router. The use of the versatile WRT54GL router makes this an even more interesting project, and gives me some project ideas for my own WRT54GL router. Another cool thing featured on Mathew's site is the microchip-enabled catflap for his two cats Frankie and Elmo.

If you are in to cats and technology then you have check out Mathew Newton's site, and be sure to give Catster's Cats and Kittens Blog a peek too.

Have a great weekend ~ Jim