Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hacking away at Chapter 3, and even more books for sale.

I made some good progress with Chapter 3 of "Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML" and plan to dive back into it after completing this post. I learned some concepts about layout and the quote and blockquote tags.

I also learned not to move files and directories around while your editor is still open on pages you are working on. I know better, but I didn't pay attention and due to "clickitis" I ended up deleting some pages and having to redo them. Hey! It was good practice, and I learned from it.

I started a rewrite of my resume as well as starting to compile a list of potential employers.

Lastly, I added more books to the "Books For Sale" list, including some hacking/security books, and some older FreeBSD books. I have more than enough FreeBSD books, and the hacking/security books do not fit into my current plans.

Well, back to my studies. (Pssst! Every book listed is OBO, so make an offer if your are interested)

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