Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Turning 50 and looking forward to the future.

Since today was my 50th birthday I decided to take a break and didn't get much done. I did do some studying, but nothing worth writing about and most likely I will reread the sections tomorrow.

I was planning to write about another job opportunity, but I realize that for the most part it is already listed, and actually is the first two opportunities I listed.

Because I want to help people, I think it would be great to find a job working with web accessibility applications for the visually impaired, and this fits right in with the second opportunity I listed as well as the purpose of the Cloudymidnights site and blog that I run.

It is even possible to test web accessibility applications on or for embedded systems such as PDAs and other devices. I have the embedded systems experience, and I am learning web development (albeit a little slower than I like, but hey!, I have to find a job right now)

Both the embedded systems testing and accessibility testing fit right in with the goals of my purpose. The science writing can be something I can do on my own separate from work, though eventually I may end up writing for a living (or at least some pocket change)

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celticbluegreen said...

Hi, Jim! I enjoyed taking a look at your career exploration blog! I am not a computer programmer, but do appreciate technology, and teach online classes as part of my teaching load at my college. I will come over and check out what's up here from time to time! Good luck in your job search!

Take care,
Karen (from facebook)