Monday, September 08, 2008


I don't think it's the same level of techno-religious argument as Vi vs. Emacs, but Chapter Five of Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML did go into the differences between JPEG and GIF and why one may be better than then other for specific applications.

I really never gave it much thought until I started in with this chapter. In the past just posted images in whatever format worked for me at the time. Now I have a better understanding, and I will try follow to the guidelines in the book. It may take a while for the rules to sink in enough to where I don't need to regularly go back to the book to check, but I will get the hang of it as I build my own sites.

Moving on to other things, I am finding that I define my purpose more and more, it is becoming easier to get rid of a lot of the stuff I kept around the place for projects that just never got off the ground. As the stuff gets tossed, I am finding it easier and easier to focus on my goals, and that really helps me to stay positive right now. Clearing out all of the books over the next few months will really help.

Tomorrow is my 50th birthday, and Saturday will be one month since I was laid off, but more importantly Saturday will also be the 26th aniversary of my first job as a "technician". I think that now is a good time for a change and I really feel good about my chances.

I'll be adding another "Interesting Employment Opportunity" tomorrow. I'd do it tonight, but I've been working for almost 16 hours now, and it's time to get some Zs.

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