Thursday, February 12, 2009

WOW! Someting positive from CNN!

With all their doom and gloom I was beginning to think that everyone at CNN was turning emo, and getting ready to run en masse into a giant closet, turn off the lights, and start listening to mopey music.

Then much to my surprise CNN posted a news story that is not only positive, but it may also be quite helpful to many people.

If you are like me and you are currently without health insurance, then you may find this article interesting: "No health insurance? Get help here"

It lists some resources I was unaware of, and that I plan to check out. Thanks CNN, maybe you are starting to realize that bad news isn't always good for profits.

I've noticed that the "burp" in job postings that I previously wrote about has now turned into an annoying long and loud belch. Hopefully the stimulus package get's signed soon so people will stop holding their breath and actually start moving forward.

Well tomorrow is Friday, and that means some more Friday fun, so check out tomorrow's posting. Cheers ~ Jim

Footnote: Not all news on CNN is negative. I had forgotten all about this story - Lance, Inc - A company with heart!


Chuck Goolsbee said...


MIBA51 said...

Hey Chuck,

Are you trying to suggest I take a job at the McMurdo base in Antarctica?

Do you know of any openings down there?