Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday Fun: Coulton and Cleese

Before the Friday Fun begins, I would like to point out a couple of articles I came across:

Lifehacker: Jump to a New Career with a Killer Resume and Plan. It's a tough the job market right now, so if you are looking for work, or think you soon will be, then give this article a read. If you know of any other good job search articles then drop me a line. I will list them here to share with others.

ExtremeTech: The 20 Best Free PC Games. I don't agree with all the choices, but they are free and given the times, free is good.

Now here's an unsolicited plug from me: If you are a manager looking to manage well as opposed to just managing, then take a look at Kelley Eskridge's Humans At Work program.

Now the fun begins!

Jonathan Coulton performs Code Monkey Unplugged:

"I Wouldn't Watch This Commercial" - John Cleese 1980's Compaq Ad:

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