Friday, October 03, 2008

Being "old" vs. being "experienced"

I've been buried all week long with my job search as well as working on clearing out even more stuff, so I can focus more on my priorities. Needless to say studies have taken a back seat, but I am still moving forward with them (learning CSS now)

One thing that kind of hit me like a gut punch when I first started my job search was several recruiters telling me not to list my total years experience, so I am not considered too "senior" for the positions I am applying for. Having just turned 50 I am a little concerned about bias due to my age, but that may not be the case. I believe the term "senior" has more to do with title and compensation expectations more than age, and considering I am looking for something more mid-range that should not be an issue.

It is interesting that the last couple interviews I have had have been with companies needing someone with a lot of experience to help them move forward in their product development. In my 26 years in high tech, I have participated in the release of many new products and technologies, and functioned on several different levels in that capacity.

So maybe being considered senior with compensation and title expectations may not be a good thing for me, but being considered senior with regards to the experience that I can offer a prospective employer is a good thing. So now I have another tool to help market myself.

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