Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday fun: Hard Drive Data Recovery - Western Digital Head Swap

So what was my inspiration for today's Friday Fun video from on swapping the heads on a Western Digital drive? Well it has something to do with my scrapping out 15 or so drives today, and having some fun with the magnets afterwards:

The people at Acsdata ( are pros at doing this, so don't try and salvage one of your drives based on this video.

Now if you have a trashed drive and you want to have some fun then get some Torx drivers (usually T10, T8, and T7), several sizes of both Phillips and standards (flat blade) screwdrivers, and go to town tearing that puppy apart!

I must caution you to beware of the magnets. Having a pair of magnets from a hard drive snap together on to the tip of one of your pinkies is no fun.

Have a great weekend ~ Jim


Rogelio said...

True on the power of those magnets. I have a pair of those as I tore apart a blown WD HD to use the disc as a clock face, kept the magnets as quick-relocatable wire/cable management hooks :-)

MIBA51 said...

It seems that the magnets from older hard drives are a lot stronger.

The magnets I pulled off some older Fujitsu drives have the potential for being real finger snappers.

I like your idea of using the magnets as quick-relocatable wire/cable management hooks.