Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday fun: Seattle, snow, and sliding. Well, maybe not so fun.

** Caution: This weeks Friday Fun video may not be work safe due to some profanity at the end, so use your own judgment. **

Everyone knows that Seattle has a perpetual rainy season (wink, wink, say no more, nudge, nudge), but Seattle has another dubious distinction. That other distinction is for having some of the worst traffic for when it snows. To be honest our topography has a lot to do with it as well as the fickleness of our weather. Below is a video from November 22, 2010 that was taken by fsayre of a car crashing on Seattle's Queen Anne Hill:

Hopefully no one was hurt in that accident, but it does show how much the weather can impact our lives and this is one of the reasons I am becoming more interested in meteorology. This interest is why I am choosing a weather station as a project for my Arduino.

Seattle also has some very interesting personalities in the field of meteorology and to me the most interesting of them is Cliff Mass who's blog I routinely read. One recent post on Cliff's blog really caught my attention. In the last paragraph of "WeatherFest, Money, and the Aftermath" Cliff writes on the topic of "nowcasting" (describing what is happening now and during the next few hours), and how he is working with the city of Seattle to develop a series of nowcasting applications to help provide up to the minute weather information. The concept of nowcasting is really intriguing to me, and I am going to be watching Cliff's blog to see how the project moves forward. If you are interested in the concept of nowcasting then check out Cliffs blog.

Well that's it for this Friday's Fun post. By the way, I am sorry I missed posting last week, but I had several emergencies to deal with.

Take care and have a great weekend ~ Jim

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