Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Road trip to Yakima via Chinook Pass

Pick Quick Drive In, Fife, WashingtonChinook Pass, Washington. USAThorp Hwy Exit on I90 West of Ellensburg, WA.

Last week I took some time off to celebrate my birthday, and while I didn't get to take as many road trips as I would have liked to I was did get one good trip. After a somewhat slow morning on Friday, Sept 10th, I decided to just get out of the house and go. Not really having a plan I grabbed my GPS, camera, and cell phone, and took off to parts somewhat unknown.

I left the house around 10:30 in the morning and my first stop was the Pick Quick Drive In located in Fife Washington where I had a great burger. While there I found out that after 61 years Pick Quick is finally going to open another restaurant. Here's a link to the article from The News Tribune

From Fife I headed East to Enumclaw and from there I continued on Highway 410 over Chinook Pass to Yakima. Once in Yakima I stopped at Miners Drive In for another great burger. Yeah I know, but what the Hell, I had to have a reason to go to Yakima and Miner's is as good a reason as any.

On the map I created for this trip I use Charlie's Cafe as a reference point since there are about 15 different ways to get to that section of Highway 410 from where I live, or at least that is what my GPS kept telling me. I haven't eaten at Charlies, but the reviews I came across for the place seem to indicate it's a great place for breakfast.

Along the way to Yakima I saw some really beautiful scenery, and I glad I took my camera along to capture some of it. Here is the link to the photos that are now up on my Picasa album. I hope you enjoy them. I wasn't very creative with the captions for each photo, but there's enough there to tell you where the shot was taken. One thing that helped with taking the shots on this trip was a monopod that I purchased as a birthday present for myself just a few days before I took the trip. It really helped steady the camera, so there are fewer blurry images this time around.

Well that's it for now. I hope you enjoy the photos and find the map informative. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Cheers ~ Jim Cox

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