Monday, August 24, 2009

Excellent Eats: T-Bonz in Enumclaw

Today was one of those days where after work I just needed to get out for a drive to clear my head, so I changed out of my work clothes and in to a T-shirt and jeans then hopped in the truck and took off. I also needed a change from the local diner that I frequent, so I decided to head off to Issaquah and see what wondrous eats I could find there. As I drove down Front Street I noticed a local grill and thought I would try it, so I parked my truck and walked over to the place. I opened the door, took one look at the crowd, and all I could say to the hostess was "Nope".

I trundled back to my truck, got in, started it up, said "The Hell with Issaquah", and took off to parts unknown (or at least infrequently explored in the recent decade). After twisting and turning, and flying though places such as Hobart, Ravensdale, and Black Diamond I ended up in Enumclaw. I thought at least here in Enumclaw I might find a nice quiet little "eats" sort of place, and as I drove through the town I noticed a sign for "T-Bonz Steak and Prime Rib House", and thought to myself "Yeah, that's the place to try tonight".

Now I have to admit that I was looking for an "eats" sort of place, and I figured being in a small town such as Enumclaw I might make a really good find. So I parked my truck and walked across the street and walked in to a big surprise. I walked in to T-Bonz, took a look around at the nicely placed napkins and silverware, and thought to myself "T-shirts and jeans aren't going to cut it here", then I was greeted by a waiter (who turns out to be the co-owner of the place) and his Hawaiian shirt and jeans made me feel right at home.

It turns out that T-Bonz is owned by Gary and Sarina Zesiger, with Gary working the front, and Sarina working the kitchen. Gary recommended I try the open faced prime rib sandwich with garlic mashed potatoes, so that's what I got, and it made my day.

The prime rib has got to be some of the best I ever had, and the garlic mashed potatoes and broccoli were excellent. I spoke with Gary a little and it turns out that he and Sarina started T-Bonz about a year ago. It takes courage to pursue a dream such as a restaurant and Gary and Sarina deserve a lot of credit for doing so, and if the quality of their food along with their friendliness towards customers are any indication then they are on the right track. Unfortunately due to the slow economy they are temporarily discontinuing lunch and only serving dinner, but hopefully this will only be for a short time.

Seriously, the prime rib on the sandwich was excellent, so much so that I am definitely making the trip out to Enumclaw in the next week or so to try one of their steaks. Yeah, it is a long drive from Bellevue, but was worth it, and after having a great meal I also got a special treat of a beautiful sunset as I headed back to Bellevue the long way along Highway 410.

If you live in the Enumclaw area, or just happen to be passing through, or you're a stressed out geek like me who needs to go for a drive then consider having your eats at T-Bonz Steak and Prime Rib House in Enumclaw.

T-Bonz Steak and Prime Rib House
1239 Griffin Ave.
Enumclaw, WA.
(Reservations preferred, though I got in fine :)

Psst! If you think this is an add or a shill piece it isn't. T-Bonz is a great little find, and I really want to support small business people like Gary and Sarina who are doing a great job in a tough economy, plus I really want to share this fantastic find with those who read my blogs.

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