Wednesday, June 03, 2009

SF Funemployment

While trundling around today I came across an entry for "Funemployment" from SF, and I have to say that I found the article very engrossing.

Recently I've been dealing with a lot of "inertia" due to the extended length time that I have been unemployed, and reading this article helped me refocus my view of the situation.

The article is primarily focused on Twenty and Thirty Somethings in the San Francisco area, and how they are coping with their extended unemployment, and while the title of the article does imply these Twenty and Thirty Somethings are having fun while being unemployed there is more to the it than that. Many of those interviewed in the article are using their free time to rediscover their goals and the paths that they really want to follow, or at least that is the impression I got from the article.

One line from the article that really hit home for me was this "More psychologically significant than the income loss, she says, is the morbid condition of "feeling ineffectual in the world."

Without a doubt that has been the biggest hit for me, and reading this article helped me recognize that the feeling of being ineffectual in the world has led to inertia that I have been struggling with. While the feeling of inertia is still there, I now have clearer view of the situation and I believe I can get past it and move forward.

If you are in a situation similar then I strongly suggest you give this article a read. Also be sure to check out the blogs Funemployment Blog and Unemploymentality for more interesting reading on the subject..

Cheers ~ Jim

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