Monday, July 03, 2006

Microsoft Robotics Studio

Microsoft announced their Robotics Studio on June 20th. I've taken a quick look at it and think I'll give it a try. The one drawback for me is it runs only on XP or Server 2003, so I need to get an XP system up and running.

That's right, I am still working with Windows 2000 (and even 98 for some older applications) so this looks like a good excuse to either upgrade one of my systems, or get something a little more powerful (read >1GH speed and 256M memory) to run XP and the Robotics Studio on.

I'm looking at robotics as a way to focus my energies, interests, and skills, so I can actually move forward with a lot of things. I'm also opening up discussions on the 68332ABB list that I moderate on Yahoo, so as to encourage more robotics discussion.

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Mannequin said...

Hey, Jim. You need to post more often! ;)